Full Service Bookkeeping

Full service bookkeeping is our premier option. After getting to know your business, we will develop a package of services that will satisfy nearly all your accounting needs. We relieve you of the burden of having to constantly watch your accounts.  Your dedicated accounting specialist will handle your bookkeeping and allow you to do what you do best – work in your business, rather than on your business.  We will pay your bills and keep an eye on your credit cards. For your customers, we will handle billing and will send monthly billing statements for any outstanding balances.

Full service bookkeeping is right for you if you want minimal interaction with the books and would prefer to see reports weekly and at month-end.         

Bundling payroll services is a great way to enhance your experience at all levels. Click here to learn more. 

Monthly Bookkeeping

This is our most popular option. Monthly clients maintain control of the checking account and day to day functions. At month-end, we gather the necessary information from you to generate financial statements. We reconcile all bank accounts, credit cards, and loans. If you have sales tax or food and beverage tax obligations, we will file and pay those on your behalf. We review your general ledger, and ensure that every transaction is properly posted for financial accuracy. This option allows you to maintain control but also have a second set of eyes on the books.

Monthly bookkeeping is right for you if you want to maintain control of the day to day functions but want a review at month end and timely, accurate reports.

Bookkeeping Review

Perhaps you feel comfortable with the day to day and maintaining your records, but just want a periodic review. Clients at this level do their own bookkeeping, but receive a review monthly or quarterly to ensure their general ledger is accurate. We will provide any adjustments or training as needed.

Bookkeeping review is right for you if you are comfortable with your accounting system but want a periodic review to ensure accuracy.

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