Taxing authority contact information, forms, and information



  • Website:
  • Phone:  1-800-829-1040    
  • Fort Wayne Office:   201 E Rudisill Blvd,
                                             Fort Wayne IN 46806
                                             Phone: 260-458-5000
    To make an appointment:  844-545-5640
    Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm


  • To pay with checking or savings, click here
    • Use this secure service to pay your taxes, estimated tax payments, or other associated forms directly from your checking or savings account at no cost to you. You can also view your payment history by accessing your online account with the IRS.
  • To pay with a debit or credit card, click here
    • You can pay by internet, phone, or mobile device whether you e-file, paper file, or are responding to a bill or notice. It is safe and secure and your information is used solely to process your payment. The fees vary by service provider.
  • To set up a payment plan, click here
    • To find out if you qualify for a payment plan, what you need, and what it costs

Transcript Services

Transcripts can be received online or through the mail. There are multiple transcript types, so be sure to choose the one that suits your needs. Click here to order a transcript online. 

  • Tax Return Transcript
    • Shows most line items from your original return including forms and schedules. It does not show changes made after original return was filed and is only available for the most recent 3 years filed.
  • Tax Account Transcript
    • Shows basic data such as return type, marital status, AGI, taxable income, and all payment types. It shows changes made after you filed your original return and is available for the most recent 10 years filed. 
  • Record of Account Transcript
    • Combines the tax return and tax account transcripts into one complete transcript. It is available for the most recent 3 years filed. 
  • Wage and Income Transcript
    • Shows data from returns the IRS receives such as W-2, 1099, 1098, 5498. It is available for the most recent 10 years.

Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft

Click here to learn more about what tax-related identity theft is, the warning signs, how to reduce your risk, and steps to take if you become a victim. 

Interactive Tax Assistant (ITA)

Click here to use the tool that provides answers to a number of tax law questions. It can help you learn more about taxable income, credits, deductions, and general questions. 


Indiana Department of Revenue

  • Website:
  • Phone:  317-232-2240 
  • Fort Wayne office:  1415 Magnavox Way #100
                                           Fort Wayne IN 46804
                                           Phone: 260-436-5663
    Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


  • Use Indiana EPay to pay your taxes or bills online 
    • You can pay by VISA, MasterCard, or e-check. The fees vary by payment type.
  • Use Indiana DORpay to pay estimated tax payments online
  • To set up a payment plan, click here
    • To find out if you qualify for a payment plan, what you need, and what it costs

Identity Theft

Click here to learn more about how to stop identity theft, ways to protect yourself, signs you may be a victim, and additional resources.

State Information Center

The State Information Center is the single point of contact for the general public to find answers to questions relating to all aspects of state government. Click here to search for answers or call at 800-457-8283