Our team of advisors have been working with companies in the greater Fort Wayne area for over 30 years. Our relationship-based approach allows companies to get the most benefit from our services because we keep an eye on the business and your personal tax situations simultaneously. Whether you are organized as a corporation or a partnership, the business activity has a significant impact on your personal tax situation.


No one wants to hear they owe a ton of money on their tax return. Our proactive approach allows us to work with you throughout the year to minimize your obligation. If we cannot reduce it, we can at least prepare you for it so you will be ready when the return is filed.

Tax Return Analysis

Your tax situation may have been simple for years. With the addition of children, investment income, or a rental property things can get more complicated. Not to mention the additional laws for healthcare and other penalties, you want to ensure what you did is right. One of our advisors will review your return for accuracy and amend it if needed. We are here to help you maximize the benefit of all deductions and credits available.

New Business Formation

You have a great idea for a product or service, but are not sure where to start. Perhaps you started to do some paperwork and have formed an LLC, but did you know that is not a tax designation? Our small business specialist will work with you to make sure all the necessary start up paperwork is complete so that you are poised for success.

Entity Choice

Choosing the proper entity type is critical. Operating your business as a sole proprietorship or partnership when it is not appropriate can cause you to pay out your profits in the form of taxes, rather than having them available to reinvest. Forming a corporation can potentially save a lot of tax money. To find out if a corporation is right for you, you will work with our business advisors to get the tax and legal assistance needed. We will walk you through the process and ensure all the necessary paperwork is completed.


Are you that person with a shoe box? The beat up shoe box full of receipts that is overflowing and is constantly nagging at you? Our accountants are here to organize your records and offer bookkeeping services to get your records up to date. Our bookkeeping services lay the foundation for an organized business and a complete, accurate tax return. 

Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement is essential. We will meet with you to ensure you are on track to meet your retirement goals. Through thoughtful planning, we can help you ensure that you will be comfortable when you are able to retire. This can include planning to sell your business, business succession, and best practices for saving and investing.


Unfortunately, you may find yourself under examination by the IRS or another taxing authority. We represent our clients and help interpret and resolve any proposed assessments that may arise. We can help you catch up past due tax filings and set up a payment arrangement if needed.