Whether you have one W-2 or a multi-million dollar company, taxes are not simple or straight forward. Teaming with an accountant you can trust will help you form a plan to save valuable tax dollars. Our relationship-based approach allows us to get to know our clients and offer them the best services available. We stay up to date with the ever changing tax code so we are well equipped to help you prepare for tax time.

Maximizing Your Benefit

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” While we have not discovered the fountain of youth, we have mastered the tax code. We will work with you one on one to ensure you are taking advantage of all exemptions and deductions that are available to you. We will ensure your information is accurately reported. Your return will be securely e-filed and your refund can be direct deposited.


Sole proprietors or self-employed individuals have achieved the American dream. The down side of any business engagement is the tax burden it generates. Meeting with one of our tax advisors will allow you to ensure you are maximizing the benefit of the business deductions available, thereby reducing your tax liability. You may even find that your business has grown enough that it is time to think about restructuring your entity type. Your advisor is here to listen and offer assistance when reviewing your options for proper reporting.

Itemizing Deductions

Did you know you can itemize deductions and benefit from a tax deduction for common items such as health care & prescription costs, real estate tax & home mortgage interest, and even the excise tax paid on your vehicle? Through our comprehensive checklist, you are able to receive a tax benefit for some of those items you were required to pay throughout the year anyway.

Healthcare Individual Shared Responsibility

If you did not have qualifying health care coverage in the preceding tax year, you may have to pay a penalty on your tax return. Calculating the penalty is complicated – it is based on your total household adjusted gross income, a number that does not come quickly to mind. We will gather the necessary information to determine if you are required to pay. Depending on your income level, you may be exempt from having to pay.

Premium Tax Credit

If you purchased health insurance through the marketplace, you are required to file a tax return regardless of any other factors. An intricate calculation is necessary to determine and reconcile your Premium Tax Credit.